Minecraft Mod for 1.7.10



Indev infomations and how the Systems gonna work together



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You can download every published build on Curseforge 

The Network

We have a forum, are active on minecraftforum.net. and also we got a discord server to chat with you live.

The main mod is constantly being developed and every finished part of it is and will be released as a standalone mod, so that you can already partially test it today.

Spawn Property Controller Mod

this mod allows you to set up requierments for spawning of mobs

Inventory on death Mod

This mod adds the ability for you to get your items when you die, in the config you can decide if the player get only the armor /the held Item/the whole hotbar or all of this 3 back.

Darwin Sprinting System Mod

This mod adds a stamina system to minecraft which includes a max sprinting time which is configurable and if you drain it completely you will have to wait an extra amount of time(configurable) until you can recover your energy.

Binding of Isaac Heart Mod

This mod adds the 3 main hearts from the game “Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth”

Conskeleton Mod

T{“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:1,”srcClientId”:”356f65a0-fd50-4f84-a127-79b42155bb55″,”srcRootClientId”:””}his mod adds a new Skeleton to the World, with really cool Animations

Kingdom of Rin | Glimmer of Hope

first part of the main project, in which you will find the Nazir and you will start your jounary.